Topic: Road Safety

This toolkit aims to support and assist education staff, partner agencies and CYP practitioners in their work with children, young people and families. Further information, advice and resources specific to road safety can be accessed via the additional resources button on this page.


As traffic is the single biggest killer of 12-16 year olds and around 1 in 4 road deaths involve drivers aged 17 -24, it goes without saying that Road Safety awareness is a significantly important aspect of safety education for children and young people of all ages.

Hampshire Constabulary is part of the Hampshire Road Safety Partnership who work together to support education and initiatives to raise awareness of safety issues to help children and young people develop skills to use roads safely, confidently and responsibly. Other partners include:

  • Hampshire County Council
  • Southampton City Council
  • Portsmouth City Council
  • Highways England
  • Hampshire and Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service

To support the work schools, colleges and partner agencies undertake to educate children and young people on road safety, here are some valuable resources and information which cover a broad range of road risks and dangers suitable from KS1 through to KS5, including young drivers.

Resources for KS1 to KS4

PSHE Curriculum:

  • H41: strategies for keeping safe in the local environment or unfamiliar places (rail,water,road) and firework safety, safe use of digital devices when out and about.

The National THINK! Website has published more than 50 free road safety resources for parents, teachers and schools as part of a new campaign launched in May 2018 to teach pupils to equip themselves to be road aware. Resources include mobile games and educational films, photographs and illustrations which support different learning styles, feature distancing techniques including role play and encourage peer to peer expression.

Maisie’s Story tells of a 12 year old girl from Hampshire who was run over on her way to school in 2016, she was very badly injured and doctors say her cycle helmet saved her life. Maisie is now promotes safe cycling in schools, calling for them to be made compulsory.

Resources for KS5+

PSHE Curriculum:

  • H15. to manage personal safety in relation to travel, such as cycle safety, younger driver safety, passenger safety, using licensed taxis and getting home safely. 

Young drivers are much more likely to be involved in road collisions, often due to inexperience and a lack of knowledge of the risks.

 The Fatal Four – Friends Drive Safe: ‘The Fatal Four’ are nationally recognised as speed, distraction, seatbelts, alcohol and drug use, being the most common causes of road collisions and fatalities. Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service created 4 short films to specifically target young people which cover each of the fatal four risks, intended to raise awareness of the consequences.

The Safe Drive Stay Alive Campaign targets new and pre-drivers in an emotive and hard-hitting way, influencing behavior and attitude on the roads. Produced by a Thames Valley & Hampshire Police, local council and emergency services road safety partnership, awareness is delivered through roadshows which include Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service sharing experiences of attending road incidents involving young people.