The Safe4me website provides educators, service providers and parents with information and resources to help educate, guide and support children and young people to keeping safe.
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Safe4me is a free resource and information library to support schools, colleges, youth service partners and parents as part of Hampshire Constabulary’s ongoing commitment to working in partnership to educate and safeguard children and young people.


Concept and content has been developed in partnership with teachers and education experts, with guidance from The National PSHE Association, to create a hub to support schools and mentors to deliver education specific to safety, law and consequences by providing credible information and resources that align with common topics explored within current PSHE, PDL, RSE, Citizenship curriculum and other education/intervention methods.

Relevant and Focused

Safe4me is not a standalone resource, so does not cover all aspects of a topic. It aims to provide users with relevant and focused information about the law and safety to incorporate into education and awareness raising of safeguarding topics. As such, it requires the user to plan adequate preparation and follow-on work to ensure a broader understanding of the topic.

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