Topic: Rights and the Law

This toolkit aims to support and assist education staff, partner agencies and CYP practitioners in their work with children, young people and families. 


Through the work we do directly with children and young people, it was apparent that many did not understand police processes or know their rights regarding the law; in particular, making a complaint, being arrested, being searched or reporting a crime.

Many of the young people we spoke to had misconceptions about the police and criminal justice system which they felt would affect their decision to contact the police, report a crime or make a complaint, highlighting that more work needed to be done to better inform young people.


PSHE Criteria KS 1 – 2 

  • L1. to recognise reasons for rules and laws; consequences of not adhering to rules and laws
  • L3. about the relationship between rights and responsibilities

Hampshire Police Youth Charter and Sub-Charters

In response, further consultation took place with young people to find out what they felt they need to know, what it should look like and how best to get the information heard among their peers.

This resulted in the development of our Youth Charter and Sub-Charters to outline what young people can expect from the police, and give a clearer explanation about police processes, the law and their rights.

The charter and six sub-charters were co-developed with young people to ensure the content is presented and written in a way that will help young people understand what their rights are, and what to expect from specific encounters with the police.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary: Youth Charter

Further Support

More information and resources can be found below which schools, colleges and partner agencies may find useful in the work they do to educate young people about their rights and the law.

Law Stuff is a dedicated website specifically designed for young people which provides information for them on a wide range of topics, about their rights, the law and relevant support available to help them.

Just for Kids Law

Provides information, film resources and campaigns which promotes children and young people in the UK having their legal rights and entitlements respected and promoted, and their voices heard and valued.