Community Partnership Information Form (CPI)

Sharing of information is critical to developing a clearer picture of local and wider issues, to inform the actions we need to take to reduce harm and risk.

To help Hampshire Constabulary build a clearer picture of the threat of harm and risk to children and young people, we are asking education staff and practitioners to share information known to them which can often provide crucial links where gaps in intelligence might exist.

To help improve information sharing, the CPI form gives professionals a safe and direct way to share non-urgent information with the police relating to children and young people at risk of:

  • Missing, Exploited, Trafficked
  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Criminal Exploitation
  • Drug Related Harm
  • Modern Day Slavery
  • Community Cohesion
  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Organised Crime

Note: The CPI form is not a referral form. It is for sharing non-urgent information/intelligence only, specific to the risks listed above.

The CPI form, along with guidance to complete and submit it, can be accessed via the link buttons at the bottom of this page.

Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (M.A.S.H)

Where concerns are raised that a child may be at risk of harm, a referral can be made to the local area M.A.S.H using the process pathway set out by the local authority. More information about making a referral and details of local Children’s Services can be found by selecting the area relevant to you below:

Hampshire & Isle of Wight       Southampton        Portsmouth

Safeguarding Referral or Police Intelligence?

Deciding whether to submit information to the MASH or to police via the CPI form may not always appear clear cut, as such guidance is provided below to support decision-making in terms of making referral or sharing with police.

Police CPI Form

If the information known is non-urgent and a child is not at immediate risk but their wellbeing could be impacted, this can be shared through the CPI with the assurance that upon receipt of the information, the police intelligence department will use a Child at Risk matrix to grade the level of risk and will share the information with the MASH where necessary.

MASH Referral

If non-urgent information is submitted via the MASH, it is recorded and held for 3 years to assist with assessing current or future information and risk to the child/family; however, this information is not routinely shared with police and so will not necessarily be aware of related criminal activity.


If a child discloses their Mum’s partner uses drugs in the house, this can be submitted as criminal intelligence using the CPI as it will be assessed against the Child at Risk matrix and the MASH will be informed if/where necessary. This ensures police are aware of the drug related intelligence and respond accordingly to the criminal activity.

If a child discloses their Mum’s partner uses drugs, openly leaves drugs and needles about the house and numerous people visit the property, this should be submitted to the MASH as a Safeguarding referral. The additional information increases the potential risk to the child and police are likely to be informed.

If you have concerns for a child or require advice call police on 101

If you believe a child is in immediate danger call 999