As part of our work to raise awareness about the pressures and risks of sexting, Hampshire Constabulary are delighted to work with Megan to reconstruct her story to support young people, professionals and parents to manage issues associated to sending nudes online.

In conjunction with Safer Internet Day 2019, Hampshire Constabulary released a short film featuring the real story of Megan, who found herself in a distressing situation as a victim of a real life experience.

The film tells Megan’s story, who at the age of 14 moved to a new school after being bullied at her previous school, and desperate to fit in.  Overwhelmed by everyone wanting to be friends with the ‘new girl’, she started to feel popular and accepted.  Her social media popularity grew with numerous new friends and followers, including a particular boy she began messaging with. Perceiving a relationship to be developing, Megan reluctantly gave into pressures send him a nude photo of herself, only to learn the person behind the profile was in fact a girl at her school who went on to share the picture among the entire school and beyond.

Devastated by her experience, but having overcome the impact and consequences, Megan wants to share her experience with others to educate and warn about the dangers of sending nude and sexual pictures online.

“We hope that hearing about Megan’s experience and how she overcame this difficult time in her life will give strength and support to young people who experience bullying and pressure for nude pictures or naked selfies”

“We encourage parents and teachers to talk to children about their activities on social media, building a trusting and reassuring relationship to guide them to consider the importance of thinking before uploading content online, helping them keep safe from being a victim or offender.”

PC Maria Carrick, Education and Engagement Coordinator

The film has been adapted to three variations with different introductions and final words of
advice tailored specifically to support young people, parents and professionals.

Young people