As part of our work to raise awareness to young people about the risks and consequences of carrying knives, Hampshire Constabulary joined forces with the Southampton Safe City Partnership, The Saints Foundation and SoCo Music Project to launch #NeverChooseKnives – an urban music campaign written and created by five students from St. George Catholic College- winners of the Southampton Police Apprentice ‘Street Safe. Street Smart’ competition for schools.

The #NeverChooseKnives rap and video showcases competition winners Kitone, Somi, Liz, Euan and Jamie delivering anti-knife crime messages to their peers to positively influence safe and responsible choices. The lyrics are dynamic and refer to the truths of carrying a knife – with the chorus delivering positive advice with the message ‘Stop knife crime now, we’ll show you how, Never Choose Knives’.

A series of graphics have been captured to support the campaign messages, focusing on known reasons why young people may carry a knife – these include carrying a knife through fear of crime for self-defence/protection is a crime, and how the risk of becoming a victim is increased when carrying a knife. These resources can be accessed via the link button below to use in the work you do to educate and promote safety messages to young people.

#NeverChooseKnives Graphics

‘The focus, creativity and commitment demonstrated by this group of young people reinforces how fundamentally important it is to respect young people as credible partners in problem-solving issues affecting them and their community. #NeverChooseKnives perfectly captures the aim and ethos of the Police Apprentice Initiative, giving young people a voice and a platform to be heard’.

“We encourage teachers and parents to use the Never Choose Knives rap as a tool to initiate conversations with young people about the risks of carrying knives – supporting them to make safe and responsible choices to prevent themselves from becoming a victim or offender.”

PC Maria Carrick, Education and Engagement Coordinator
The Never Choose Knives rap has been recorded with two video versions
 Video one shows the creative work of the winning group, with the second version capturing behind the scenes studio footage. A third link provides a shortened version of behind the scenes, ideal for use on social media.

Winners Creative Video

Behind the Scenes (Full Version)

Behind the Scenes (Short Version)