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Policing the Pandemic: Survey For Young People

By May 27, 2020No Comments

Exploring Young People’s Experiences and Recommendations for Change

Policing the Pandemic Survey for Young People aged 13-25

In partnership with Leaders Unlocked, this youth-led project is working across England and Wales to:

  • Examine young people’s experiences of policing during the COVID-19 crisis
  • Involve young people in developing solutions to improve the policing approach, now and in the future.

Please can you share this information with students and the young people you work with through your communication platforms and social media platforms.

Closing date: 5th June 2020

Responses will be used to produce national recommendations for change for police forces, PCCs and partner agencies

Young people are invited to tell us what they think via a simple questionnaire…

The survey link is:

Below is a pdf flyer and jpg image for you to use with your chosen method of sharing the survey with 13-25 year olds, both contain full details and survey link.

Policing the Pandemic pdf
Policing the pandemic jpeg