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Police Apprentice Problem Solving Initiative

By March 26, 2019 Get Involved

‘Actively involving children and young people in raising awareness of risk and consequences among their peers to encourage safe, responsible and informed choices’

Designed by young people for young people, Police Apprentice is a fresh and innovative way for police to work in partnership with young people, schools, colleges and youth groups on a range of safety issues…..

Police Apprentice is a fun and interactive engagement approach developed by Hampshire Constabulary in partnership with children and young people, which moves away from ‘front-loaded’ ‘information-heavy’ delivery styles historically given by police.

Respecting children and young people as equal partners is learning more about the risks they face growing up, Police Apprentice focusses on engaging them in discussion to explore their understanding and views about topics.

Based on the information from the discussion, children/young people are set a follow-on challenge: individually or in groups, they are tasked to further research the discussion topic further; focussing on key messages given to them in a brief, they are to design ways to share this information to their peers in a way they think will appeal to young audiences and be heard.

Police Apprentice is a tried and tested initiative which aims to support children and young people develop the skills and understanding needed to safely and responsibly make decisions in throughout their lives; crucial to helping them keep safe and out of the criminal justice system.

The discuss, research and design approach aims to enhance learning by offering an unique experience with police that can help develop understanding and resilience.

Police Apprentice is designed to be flexible to ensure it can meet individual needs of schools, colleges and youth groups; in particular age and ability. It also offers the opportunity to support further development of design ideas  into tangible social action projects or in-school ethos/policy campaigns.

Examples of where Police Apprentice has supported development of wider campaigns and awareness raising include a police corporate campaign to tackle the issue of sexting called Wildfire, designed by pupils from Robert Mays School in Odiham, and the #Respecting Differences Campaign designed by pupils at Portsmouth Academy for Girls.

Currently we are supporting a Police Apprentice competition among secondary schools in Southampton called Street Safe. Street Smart; involving pupils to design a campaign for the city to raise awareness of the issues associated with knife crime.

To find out more about Police Apprentice or to book a meeting to discuss running it with children/young people at your school, college or youth group visit the Safe4me Police Apprentice homepage.