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Resources to tackle Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) ‘County Lines’, Knife Crime and Sexting have recently be added to Safe4me

As the demand to keep our partners up to date with information, advice and resources to educate children and young people about the threat, risks and consequences of involvement in organised crime through ‘County Lines’, the increasing concerns around young people carrying knives/weapons and young people’s continued behaviour of sending nude pictures online, we have introduced and updated new content to our Safe4me site to support you in the work you do with children and young people

Child Criminal Exploitation ‘County Lines’ Resources

We have recently devised a dedicated information page containing information about what county lines is, who is at risk and the signs a child maybe being exploited. The page also includes safeguarding processes and the recently launched lesson resources from Fearless for KS3 and KS4/5.

Links to knife crime resources have been added to this toolkit given the significant relevance this has to county lines and child criminal exploitation.

Knife Crime

Safe4me currently provides links to the Home Office #knifefree resources developed by the PSHE Association for KS3, Ks4/5.

Also the street crime resource pack provided by Fearless which includes knife crime along with other forms of street crimes such as vandalism and robbery.

We have recently added links to the resources provided by The Ben Kinsella Trust and No Knives Safe Lives initiative developed in Scotland who have seen significant drops in knife crimes since introducing improved education in schools, particularly targeting earlier intervention to KS2 through their Play it Safe lesson resource.

Sexting: Sending Nude Pictures

Following on from our old Wildfire campaign, designed by young people to raise awareness of the risks and consequences to their peers, we  launched the more current Megan’s Story: #ItHappenedToMe on Safer Internet Day 2019.

The campaign aims to use a real life story of a girl from Hampshire called Megan who was brave enough to share her story to help prevent her experience happening to anyone else.

We launched 3 short films reconstructing what happened to Megan; each version is slightly tailored to address either young people, professionals or parents.

We encourage you to consider the resources mentioned for use in the work you do with children, young people and parents. All are accessible via the relevant link buttons below:

Safe4me CCE County Lines Toolkit
Ben Kinsella Trust Homepage
Ben Kinsella Trust Lesson Plans KS2/3/4
No Knives Better Lives Toolkits
No Knive Better Lives for KS2
Megan's Story: Sending Nudes Homepage