Op Sceptre ‘Tackling Knife Crime’: Hampshire Response

By March 25, 2019 September 19th, 2019 Knife Crime

What is Operation Sceptre?

Operation Sceptre was launched in July 2015 by The Metropolitan Police Service with the aim of reducing knife crime and the number of families affected across the whole of London, coinciding with new legislation that meant those convicted of carrying a knife for the second time will face a mandatory custodial sentence.

February 2018 saw all police forces come together in the first national response to Op Sceptre in an attempt to counter a nationwide rise in knife crime. Keeping national momentum, police forces across the country have  supported subsequent national weeks of action, the last one being 11th -17th March 2019.

During the March week of action, Hampshire Constabulary planned and executed a number of tactical approaches to proactively tackle knife crime; going forward with a longer-term preventative approach, we are placing equal emphasis on education and youth engagement by working closer to support schools, colleges and youth groups.

Working in Partnership with Education Establishments

We are actively encouraging education establishments, partner organisations, parents and young people to work with us to raise awareness about the risks and impact carrying a knife/weapon can have on individuals and the community.

As part of our local policing strategy to tackle and prevent knife crime, we aim to forge working relationships and longer-term practices with schools and colleges with particular focus on educating pupils, staff and parents about knife related risks/issues to help to keep the whole school community safe, supported and informed.

Hampshire police have dedicated youth education and engagement staff offering advice and support to develop joint working opportunities; if your school would benefit from discussing ways we can work together, please contact us via the Safe4me contact form.

Op Sceptre Guidance for Schools and Colleges

We have devised some guidance for schools detailing how they can get involved and develop ways to reduce and prevent knife crime alongside us – consisting of advice, ideas and lesson resources. The guidance aims to support schools with exploring steps they could consider implementing to tackle knife crime and reduce the threat and risk of harm posed to young people and the community. The guidance can be accessed via the link button below.

Op sceptre guidance for schools

Education Resources

Education resources provided in the links below include those especially developed for KS2 (primary), KS3 and KS4/5. 

These include those provided by The PSHE Association as part of the Home Office #knifefree campaign,  street crime toolkit from Fearless, lesson plans from The Ben Kinsella Trust including the Choices & Consequences resources for KS2 and  ‘The Playing Safe’ resources for KS2 from No Lives, Better Knives (Scotland).

The Ben Kinsella Trust
No Knives Better Lives
PSHE Association #Knifefree