New Guidance for Reporting Sexting & Inappropriate Contact Online

Supporting professionals with assessing risk and reporting incidents of sexting or inappropriate sexual contact online to police.

In response to findings from consultation with school staff, partners and practitioners, a guidance info-graphic has been developed to support professionals with risk assessment and decision-making, looking at aggravating risk factors which may be present to determine when a police response/investigation is necessary to safeguard and protect children involved.

Safe4me Sharing Information and Reporting Page

Recognising the importance of sharing information with police, and promoting consistent approaches to reporting incidents, a dedicated section has been added to Safe4me.

Longer term development of this section will see further guidance added over time to support professionals with topic specific risks and offences.

The new guidance is located in the Sharing and Reporting section of Safe4me and can be accessed via the link button below.

Please note for future reference that the Reporting and Sharing section can be found in the resources section of Safe4me in the main options bar.

Sexting & Sexual Contact Online Flowchart
Sharing & Reporting Section