Community Partnership Information Form: Additional Information

Police Intelligence or Safeguarding Referral???

Following the Safe4me news article in September 2018 about the Community Partnership Information Form (CPI), there have been questions/points raised by readers seeking clarity about when they should use the CPI or when information should be a referral to Children’s Services/MASH.

Concerns such as this are fully understandable given our responsibility to safeguard and protect children.

In response to the points raised, additional information, including an example, has been added to the CPI and referral page on Safe4me.

The aim of which is to support users with deciding where to send the information known to them, this includes details of what happens to the information once submitted via the CPI form.

The CPI page is located within the resources section on Safe4me under ‘Sharing & Reporting’ tab.

Please note, the ‘Sharing & Reporting’ main page is currently under construction to include topic specific risk assessment and reporting flowcharts in the future.

Please use the link button below to access the page to review the recently added information.

Safe4me Sharing & Reporting Page