Frauds and Scams Happening Now

By September 24, 2018 October 2nd, 2018 Crime Prevention Advice

The way in which online fraudsters are offending against us is evolving daily, informing each other and raising awareness is key to fighting back…

Through our news articles, we will share information of current scams, phishing and frauds as they emerge; by raising awareness we can help you stay aware, alert and safe.

Spread the word… Please share this information with as many people as possible through your communication channels to help us in our fight to tackle all types of fraud and scamming.

  • Internal colleague emails/bulletin networks
  • Parent mail systems – a valuable way for schools/colleges to reach families and the wider community which will inevitably include those specifically at risk such as young people, elderly, business owners and other vulnerable communities.

Reporting Fraud, Cyber Crime & Phishing Scams

If you or someone else is immediate danger call 999

Further information, support and advice is available from Action Fraud via the link button below:

Action Fraud Reporting

Current frauds and scams updated from Action Fraud

  • Always question unsolicited or unexpected requests for your personal or financial information – it could be a scam!!!
  • Never automatically click on a link in an unexpected email or text.

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