Recent Review of Safe4me

By September 20, 2018 October 2nd, 2018 Working in Partnership

Recent review of Safe4me informs future development of toolkits and useful features to support schools, colleges and partners in the work they do to keep children and young people safe and informed…

Ensuring Safe4me is of value to users as part of our commitment to improving the support we provide to education establishments and partner organisations

Following the Easter half-term a review of our Safe4me web resource was carried out to inform a force decision to continue investing in Safe4me and any future development.

Through an electronic survey and focus groups of teachers, partner agencies and local authority representatives, I am pleased to say that the data and positive feedback resulted a decision being made to continue developing Safe4me. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Development plan

The review identified key areas for improvement and future development as summarised below:

  • Convert all current toolkits to modular format as ASB example
  • Create news page and introduce weekly bulletins
  • Filter pages to improve search for content (i.e. lesson plan or info only)
  • Continue to add/create content and relevant toolkits (both pre-planned & future)
  • Create more content/toolkits specific for primary age (consider Universities)
  • Further develop parent section (consider other languages)
  • Further develop/update services directory section
  • Include Youth Commission campaigns and education resources
  • Explore SEN versions with support from relevant experts
  • Develop and include approaches to improve awareness of Safe4me, Police Apprentice, campaigns and other engagement initiatives/opportunities.
  • Develop school/police partnership charter and Safe4me School Reward Recognition Scheme
  • Explore provision of CPD training for school staff, partners and practitioners.

How Schools and Partners Can Contribute to Safe4me

Safe4me users are encouraged to contribute to content and include any relevant information about the services they provide, events and any other relevant news/information that may be of use to other users.

The plan is to increase awareness of Safe4me, making it a pan Hampshire ‘one-stop shop/go to place’ we can all signpost to, promoting a joined up approach which will increase value of this resource.

If you would like your organisation added to the Safe4me service directory, have suggestions for resources or any news/events you would like to share via the Safe4me news page, please let us know using the Safe4me contact form or emailing the team mailbox: