Community Partnership Information Sharing Form

By September 20, 2018 October 2nd, 2018 Working in Partnership

Sharing non-urgent information can assist police to develop intelligence to identify risk of harm to children, young people and communities.

‘Sharing Information’ toolkit added to Safe4me

Sharing information is critical to developing a clearer picture of local and wider issues which may pose a threat to children, young people and communities.

Small ‘snippets’ of information which you may think would not be useful, could be the missing link or add weight to other intelligence.

As such, Hampshire Constabulary are urging education staff, partners and practitioners to support them to identify threats of harm and risk by sharing information which can often provide crucial links where gaps in intelligence might exist, doing so through the Community Partnership Information Form

A dedicated ‘Sharing Information’ page has been added to Safe4me to host the Community Partnership Information Form (CPI) and guidance for completing it.

Details of the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub’s (M.A.S.H) are also included in the Sharing Information toolkit to assist with making referrals, along with advice about when to report urgent information as the CPI form is for non-urgent information only.

Safe4me Sharing Information Toolkit