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Sextortion Campaign

By September 7, 2018September 10th, 2018No Comments
Laptop showing half a female and half a male face, showcasing the difference beween fantasy and reality.

Awareness Raising Video and Self-help guide for Victims

Sextortion is a cyber-enabled crime on the rise. Often run by organised crime gangs, they target victims by luring them into an online sexual relationship with someone they believe is genuine, but whose aim is to entrap the victim, tricking them into performing sexual acts in front of a webcam. Unbeknown to the victim, their actions are recorded by the criminals involved, who will then use the video footage in an attempt to blackmail them.

Offenders typically threaten and make demands on the victim, usually to upload video recordings to the internet, and send the footage the victim’s family, friends and employer if their demands, usually for money, are not met.


To help raise awareness and tackle this crime, our crime prevention and cyber-protect teams have created a video, along with a self-help advice guide for victims.  As part of Hampshire Constabulary’s focus to identify and protect those who need our help, both resources aim to prevent Sextortion and its fatal or life-changing consequences, and reassure victims to encourage reporting.

The risk and threat by online blackmailers is also recognised by important partner agencies, including the National Crime Agency (NCA); we are actively working with them to communicate clear and effective advice to protect victims, and prevent more people from becoming vulnerable to its manipulative and devastating effects. Hampshire Constabulary’s work on Sextortion is directly highlighted and supported by the National Crime Agency (NCA).

Click here to access the video and download a PDF version of Hampshire Constabulary’s self-help guide for Sextortion victims.